Colla per vetro polistirolo metallo marmo ceramica alluminio pvc colla bicomponente



Since our foundation, Research & Development is one of our key points.
In the last year, we focus on the development of new products specifically studied to reduce energy costs and improve the working environment.
On this page, we proudly present the eight products resulting from this year of research and development.


Adhesive based on polyvinyl acetate copolymers. It is suitable for bonding plastic materials on wooden supports, especially for foil wooden surfaces or derivatives with synthetic or plastic decorations, such as PVC. Excellent thermal resistance and adhesion. To improve the performance, we suggest and addition of 4-5% CTZ F 15.


Vinyl acetate glue in aqueous dispersion, with low TVOC levels. Suitable for bonding different weights PVC sheets or impregnated papers on absorbent supports such as masonite, chipboard, MDF, and plywood, which bonding characteristics are suitable for the production of furniture backs, and furniture parts, semi-finished products, etc. It provides a water resistance bonding line. It is good for bonding different types of PPL-based decorations (with and without primer on the back), as long as it is catalyzed at 4-5% with CTZ F 15. In this case, the adhesive has a lifetime of about one hour. Moreover, it is a GEV certified product with very low emissions of VOC, license n°14175/03.08.21. A commercial use copy is available on request.


Moisture-curing reactive hot-melt polyurethane adhesives for wrapping MDF and PVC with a short setting time. It is suitable for bonding veneers, PVC, decorative papers, and laminated. The cross-linked glue joint shows excellent resistance to humidity and heat and a good elasticity at low temperatures.


One component adhesive in aqueous dispersion based on precious resins. It is suitable for plating sheets PVC, ALKORCELL impregnated paper foils or not, even glossy or especially difficult, on absorbent substrates like masonite, chipboard, plywood, and MDF. It allows you working on calendars at high speed (30-40 m/minutes), cold pressing, and low operating temperatures (130°-140°C). The plastic-elastic bonding obtained, offers excellent resistance to temperature. It is also suitable for cold-pressing processes with several materials. It is also possible to make further improvements to mechanical characteristics and chemical resistance, allowing also PP and PPL bonding. Protovil 348 can be catalyzed with CTZ F 15 until 5% of its weight.


Two-component vinyl acetate glue in water dispersion, suitable for bonding plastic laminate, continuous laminate, impregnated paper, primed aluminum, linoleum, PVC in rolled sheets on wooden materials (plywood, chipboard, fiber cement). The product must be catalysed at 5% by weight with CTZ F15 which improves its bonding performance. GEV certified product with very low emissions, license n ° 14022 / 03.08.21. Copy for commercial use available upon request.


Isocyanates – free moisture curing adhesive based on silane terminated polymers. Isobond no fire is used as adhesive for coating building to wood floors, to bond panels for continuous walls and ceiling panels, plasterboard panels, laminated plastic, fiberglass, and metallic structures, and as well as for bonding structures that are subject to vibrations or materials with different thermal expansion ratios. it is always necessary that at least one of the materials to be bonded gives a contribution in water to the glue line. Its self-extinguishing properties render it suitable for use in products with specific flammability requirements. Available: Certificate of Approval (Form B) and Surveillance Form (Form D) issued by RINA in accordance with European (EU) regulations, duly established by international regulations (IMO).


Moisture-curing reactive hot-melt polyurethane adhesive for wrapping MDF and PVC profiles with short setting time and high-temperature processing. It is suitable for bonding veneers, PVC, decorative paper, and laminated. The cross-linked glue joint shows excellent resistance to humidity and heat and a good elasticity at low temperatures.


Moisture-curing reactive hot-melt polyurethane adhesive for Flat Lamination with very high initial grip and medium-long open time. It is suitable for bonding materials such as MDF and PVC/ POLYSTYRENE/ALUMINUM and it is particularly suitable on plastic materials. The cross-linked glue joint shows excellent resistance to humidity and heat and a good elasticity at low temperatures. The product is additivated with UV tracer.



Polyvinyl acetate glue in aqueous dispersion, with very high drying speed, specifically designed to give water-resistant gluing in compliance with EN 204 D3 standards (certificate available on request). PROTOVIL M31 is used for the manufacture of pre-finished parquet, honeycomb panels for furniture and doors, parts of bathroom furniture, parts of modular kitchens, tops, blockboards for cladding, and for all wood-to-wood bonding where good resistance to water is required. Its self-extinguishing characteristics make it suitable for the production of products with flammability restrictions. The Approval Certificate (Module B) and the Surveillance Module (Module D) are available, issued by RINA according to the European prescriptions (CE standards), verified by international standards (IMO).


One-component moisture curing polyurethane liquid adhesive, specially designed to bond wood to wood.
XILOBOND T15 is expressly indicated for bonding wood used in the production of laminated panels, block-board panels for exterior doors and windows, and semi-finished products exposed to high humidity.
It is ideal for bonding heat-treated wood (e.g. THERMOWOOD®) in non-structural applications.
Does not contain formaldehyde, heavy metals or abrasive fibres.

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